Today I published a new explanatory video about critical thinking called “Do You Think?”

Vimeo Version

YouTube Version

Noticing increasing societal polarization, especially political, where people are bombarded with “facts” and opinions by pundits and experts, I’ve felt frustrated that so many people choose to blindly follow their pundit of choice like rats following the Pied Piper, without really thinking and questioning. Having been formally exposed to serious critical thinking standards in my MBA program, I’ve felt that if more people were exposed to critical thinking principles as a discipline, they might at least be able to identify when statements, opinions and actions aren’t completely rational. With that in mind I set out to make an explanatory video explaining some basic principles of critical thinking in the style of Xplane’s recent videos Did You Know and The Carbon Economy. This video is about teaching some very basic critical thinking standards with the intent to intrigue the viewer enough about critical thinking to learn more about the subject.

Much of the content for this video was culled from the Foundation for Critical Thinking’s website, especially their page on universal intellectual standards.