Sending Large Files Screencast

Ever tried to send a large video file to someone and been frustrated because your email provider won’t let you send large email attachments? I’ve had a lot of clients run into this problem when trying to send me big video files or a bunch of high resolution digital photos. There’s no need to get frustrated trying to send these via email. There’s a lot of web services available that will let you send large files to someone without having to use your email provider. In this short video explanation, I explain the basics of how one of these services works.

At the end of the screencast I list several of the available services for sending large files. Here’s the list again with links:

Transfer Big Files

Drop Box

You Send It

Send This File







One Response to “Sending Large Files Screencast”

  1. chris October 29, 2009 at 2:35 pm //

    they are good videos and really useful topics you produce for jeff.

    like the list, spent ages searching for these sites once. these two i came accross that i thunk are alright and dont need any sign up, or download of software and can just upload to their site.

    Fly Upload. online
    large file sharing – 2gb limit – FREE!

    Send-u-it. online large file
    sharing – 100mb limit – FREE!