WordPress started out as a blogging platform but become a full blown Content Management System allowing you to create and publish your entire website with it. But, by default, WordPress home pages display your blog articles, and often times you might want something different for your home page, some static content perhaps.

There’s a pretty simple way to create static content on your WordPress site and the cool folks at WordPress.tv created a nice little screencast to show how to do it. Problem is, that, depending on the theme you use, there are some quirks with this method that put some oddities in your menu bar.

Well, it turns out there are work-arounds for this too. Here’s a quick little screencast I made to show how to make a static home page in WordPress and get around a couple of little issues.

WordPress Static Home Pages from Jeff Bennett on Vimeo.

To view a larger version, go to my Vimeo page.