Yet another presentation about social media. There’s already thousands of other presentations on social media available. Why another one? Inspired by Cliff Atkinson’s book, “Beyond Bullet Points,” I’ve taken a renewed interest in presentation development. There once was a time as a corporate drone where I developed a lot of boring bullet point presentations. I really like presentations as a medium for visual explanations (they’re visual, interactive and user-paced) especially with sites like that makes it so easy to share presentations.

Social Media&Internet Marketing

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Much of the content in this presentation is HEAVILY influenced by several other presentations out there, including, Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3 and Marta Kagan’s “What the F**k is Social Media?” The main difference is that I tried to develop the presentation around the structure that Cliff Atkinson outlines in “Beyond Bullet Points” – developing a story outline before even opening up PowerPoint.

As a web developer, I manage several websites for several small businesses and organizations. Over the last few years, it has become apparent that just having a website isn’t enough for businesses and organizations. It’s the minimum mandatory requirement. But to really join the Internet of the 21st century, businesses and organizations need to adopt a social media marketing strategy. I wanted to develop a presentation myself that I could share with my clients that explains why they should jump on the social media band wagon. Any constructive feedback appreciated.

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