This is cool. New York designer Nicholas Felton has created a 2007 annual report of his life, The 2007 Feltron Annual Report, full of infographics, such as number of vacation days taken per month, itunes tracks played, miles traveled, subway trips, dining (including most bizarre – fermented sea cucumber intestines), dishes eaten by type and much, much more. (Note: The navigation to the pages inside is at the top far left.)

My first thought when I saw the cover was that it was really cool that a company would do an annual report using only information graphics – visual language. Once you see the first page though you realize this is for an individual. Still, wouldn’t it be cool if more annual reports were more visual than text.

The next thing that came to mind after going through the report was how much time he had to spend tracking all that data throughout the year. How cool, and telling, it would be to see your past year’s life laid out in infographic format! But I don’t think I’ll have the discipline track all that data.