By the second day of VizThink, my brain was already overloaded with new information and I found myself confusing elements of different sessions. How can I remember what’s happened and keep it all sorted out? What better way than with a kind of graphical summary of the sessions I attended. So, Tuesday evening I sat down to visually map that out. Here’s the result:

In addition to general sessions, there were 2 break out periods each day, each with about 8 different sessions to choose from. My choices for breakout sessions were:

Monday Morning: “The Back of the Napking: Solving Business Problems with Pictures” with Dan Roam.

Monday Afternoon: “VizMaps: An Alternate Approach to Describing Where” – with Bruce Daniel

Tuesday Morning: “Solving Explanation Problems with Simple Online Videos” – with Lee and Sachi LeFever

Tuesday Afternoon: “Mapping the Possibilities” – John Grimwade

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll go into more detail about each session – both general and breakout.