Finally got some time this weekend to get back to getting “vizzy.” I came away from VizThink ’08 with a long list of visual thinking projects I wanted to get working on. One was online video explanations, inspired by Lee and Sachi LeFever’s breakout session. I brainstormed a list of potential subjects to do and decided on one. I thought it would be interesting to try to follow Lee and Sachi’s process and post the progress of that here.

The first step I wanted to do was to develop an outline of the first video project. So, I grabbed a pad of paper and headed out to the lanai to work in the sunshine and get away from the computer. My first inclination was to make a bulleted list outline. But then it struck me. Hey, I should do this in visual language. So, I reconsidered my approach and opted to outline my ideas in a mind map.

Before getting to the mind map that I came up with, I should preface it with a disclaimer. I don’t claim to be very literate in mind mapping. I only know about it through my wife who does it quite extensively. So, I’m sure this doesn’t jive with the International Mind Mapping Standards Institute rules of mind mapping, but it was useful for me to get my ideas down on paper. And, I like it a lot more than just a bulleted list. So,without further ado, I present my mind map of my first online video explanation project.

Getting all that down on paper helped to crystallize some thoughts. I realized immediately that I will probably have to break this topic up into a couple of different videos. But, I took a stab at starting a script anyway. I’m not going to share the script here, since I wrote it out by hand in a notebook and I don’t want to transcribe it into the computer. Too laborious and it’s just text after all.

My next step will be to go through and revise and edit the script. That’s probably going to take a few iterations. Once it feels like the script is close, I’ll move into the storyboarding phase. My plan is to do that by had on paper and share that here.