Creating Animated Silhouettes for Videos

Most of the animated infographic videos that include characters of people tend to use simple pictograms and icons or cartoons to represent the people. But there may be cases where you might want to use a more realistic representation of people, like silhouettes for example. So, how do you go about creating animated silhouettes of […]

Air Quality Index Data Viz Prototype

A prototype data visualization of Sacramento Air Quality Index (AQI) History It started out as a coding experiment to create an interactive scatter plot/dot plot in Processing. Always on the lookout for good open source data for data visualizations, I came across the EPA site that has archives of air quality values for  US cities. […]

City Sunshine Data Visualization

The Twenty Sunniest US Cities

Just published a new infographic – a data visualization showing the top 20 sunniest cities in the US with populations over 100,000. In addition to ranking the top 20 cities, the infographic includes additional contextual information to add interest and insight, including;  average temperatures, temperature ranges, home prices, and populations for each city. This infographic […]

Creating Choropleth Maps with Google Fusion Tables

Choropleth maps are a very common visualization to show some measurement or statistical variable using shaded regions. They’re most appropriate for showing ratios, proportions, or percentages rather than absolute raw numbers. If you’d like to create your own choropleth map there are several online tools available that will do the job for you without you […]

Sensing Systems for Digital Health

A couple of months ago I created an overview diagram that explained the basic elements of mobile health. As a contributor to the Digital Health Post online digital health publication, it seemed this diagram would be perfect for an article on that site. With a few minor modifications suggested by Paul Sonnier, I revised the […]

WordPress Themes: Features to Look For

With thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available to style your WordPress website, it can be overwhelming for the small business or start-up to choose an appropriate theme for their WordPress website. To narrow the search a bit, consider these five features to make your WordPress website easier to manage, give it a contemporary […]