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Heart Disease PSA Video

Heart disease is the leading causes of death in the US. I ...

MD Revolution Measure, Monitor, and Motivate Yourself Towards Optimal Health

It was a pleasure to work with the folks at MD Revolution to create ...

MD Revolution is Harnessing the Power of Digital Health

It was a pleasure to work with the folks at MD Revolution to create ...

Wearable Tech Device Market Forecast Animated Video

A short, animated infographic video I created to visually represent the market ...

How to Make a Bubble Chart with RAW and Adobe Illustrator

Bubble charts are similar to scatter plots, but offer the ability to represent additional variables by the size of the circles as well as colors of the circles. Like scatter plots, they’re good for showing the correlation of the variable on the x axis to the variable on the y axis, and, though circle size […]

Free Health Icon – DNA Molecule

Free Infographic-style Health & Tech Icons & Pictograms It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any new free icons or pictograms. I’ve had this one sitting around for awhile. DNA Molecule Icon Download DNA Molecule Icon (.zip) Feel free to download and use in presentation, brochures, websites, whatever. Free for commercial or non-commercial. Attribution is nice, but […]

Visual Communication Tip: Memory Recall Improves When Visuals are Used

Humans are visual beings. 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual. Our brains process visuals significantly faster than they do text. Humans have innate abilities for visual perception, to make sense of complexity with relatively little cognitive load. Yet, many business still rely on text-based communication and explanations. Communicating and explaining with visuals can […]

Behind the Scenes: Visuals Ideation & Storyboard

There’s a lot that goes on when making an animated explanation video. I’ve shared overviews of the video process and detailed step-by-step guides in creating videos in the past, but I thought it might be informative for businesses to ride along during the video creation process. While working on the Heart Disease video I published […]

Heart Disease Facts PSA Video

Heart disease is the leading causes of death in the US. This short Public Service Announcement video shows that 80% of heart disease deaths are preventable through lifestyle changes like getting more exercise and being more physically active. Heart Disease Facts PSA Video Support Page This video is available without the Digital Splash Media watermark […]

Tutorial: How to Make Scatter Plot in Adobe Illustrator

I’m a big fan of scatter plots and bubble plots, as can be seen from several small data visualization articles showing health correlations lately. They’re both great for showing correlations. There’s some nice new online tools for creating scatter and bubble plots like Plotly and RAW, both of which I use regularly. But, when it […]